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Instructions for Installation of 3DUSFlag

Your flag will provide years of patriotic pleasure when installed according to these instructions. Our package is designed to assist you in determining where to mount your flag for optimum visibility. Because the mounting tape bonds strongly and instantly on contact, please be sure to place the flag exactly where you want it mounted before removing the mounting tape backing.

To ensure maximum bonding strength, installation should be done when the temperature of the mounting surface is 70 degrees F or above. Clean the mounting surface carefully to remove all dirt and grime. When surface is clean and dry, use the enclosed alcohol pad to remove any remaining wax, grease, etc. Allow surface to dry thoroughly prior to applying flag.
Place your flag into the front face of the package/template. Use the supplied round tape tabs to temporarily affix the flag in the location you desire by positioning two round tape tabs along the bottom of the template and adhering one to the top of the template as shown. Step back and view your flag's position from various angles. Adjust its location, if necessary, until you have found that perfect spot.
Once you are happy with the flag's position, peel back the top tape tab and "swing open" the clear template, insuring that the flag remains inside your template. Remove the backing liner from the mounting tape (please be sure to remove the liner from all the mounting tape) on your flag.
Now, close your template as shown. Press firmly along the entire front face of the template to ensure a continuous bond to the mounting surface. To achieve maximum bonding strength, do not wash the surface where the flag is mounted for 24 hours.

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